Saturday, March 29, 2014

Family Day!!!

We had a wonderful day spent as a family today and of course we took advantage of this beautiful day we had. It was so exciting watching the thermometer change in the van from 41-56, the kids were beyond excited to see the sun and the breeze was just right. I sure do love days like today. I told the kids when we got home from town we would go for a walk because you just can't get enough vitamin D. :) We put sneakers on all the kids and then loaded Sawyer up in the stroller and Kira on her leash and off we went. We walked a total of 1 mile today and I can't wait to do it again.

On our journey we saw lots of streams, turkeys crossing the road and met a gentleman that lives 2 houses down from us. He told us all about growing up in Jefferson and knew who we were when we told him where we lived. He was so excited to meet Pastor Lovelace, from Truth Baptist Church. We talked for about 20 minutes and then we walked all the way back to our house with us and stood in the driveway and talked with Josh for another 15 minutes. I had to come inside to feed Sawyer he was very hungry.

What a beautiful day I had with my family and so much fun walking outside in the Spring weather. We have been longing for days like today, because this winter has been so long and dreary, but today shows us that Spring is finally going to come. :) Have a blessed day and hope you enjoy the pictures of our adventure!

Sawyer ready for his 1st walk

Love my family 

I had to get into a picture too...taken by Isaiah

Isaiah my photographer...he did a good job :)

The turkeys crossing the road

He loves his baby brother :)

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Brandon said...

Love the update and the pictures!! And of course everyone IN the pictures! Xoxo
(And somehow I'm stuck in Brandons google account again and cannot log out) ♥